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Laura Wilde: Channeling the Zone

March 10, 2021

Laura M. Wilde is a Holistic Mental Performance Specialist for Elite Performers.
Wilde is a thought leader in the field of holistic player development and holistic sports medicine. She uses her proprietary methods with elite NCAA, WNBA, NBA, NFL and MLB athletes, staff and coaches. She is also a partner with Turn2 Equity Partners. She has appeared on The Doctors (CBS), and numerous podcasts, including Los Angeles local radio and tv pieces. 
Laura works in the emerging field of Holistic Mental Performance as a quantum (mind-body) medicine practitioner, meditation coach, mental resilience and consistency specialist and is an advanced and certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Energy work. Laura teaches sports energy medicine, resilient wellness, alpha zone and intuition classes in person and on Zoom. Her work is differentiated as she has developed Meta mental performance. In other words – her work goes beyond the mind to the deeper connection an athlete can have with him or herself. 
In 2012 she created Quantum Sports Medicine and Quantum Player Development. These fields fill the gap between the quantum and western practices for athletes so that building the whole person becomes the key in player development. This way, deep-level healing and a mentally resilient spirit becomes the greater purpose for player development and sports medicine. She is also the author of  these books: The Cosmic Athlete, Quantum Sports Medicine, Making the Team: 64 Ways to Succeed in School, Sports and Life and The Map of Your Future. Her newest book is The Power of Intuition Intelligence, written with co-author EnRico Melson, M.D. It will be released December 2020. 
Laura is a former NCAA two-sports college scholarship athlete and an NCAA Head Coach. Her big addition to the field of sports performance is in the area of intuitive epigenetics. Through her studies with a molecular biologist, Coach Laura has learned that epigenetic markers on the DNA code affect player performance. As a practitioner in this new field of epigenetic energy medicine and other holistic healing modalities, Laura can help identify and release these markers to improve health and performance for athletes. She is also the Founder of CHAMPS, the Coalition of Holistic Athletic Mental Performance Specialists. This group will train the next generation of mental performance coaches in this new and innovative way for teams and athletes looking for the newest work based on the latest most up-to-date research.

Her education includes Bachelor’s Degrees in English Literature and Holistic Health Sciences and she is will earn her PhD in Quantum Medicine in 2021. 
Laura also holds certifications in Sports Nutrition, Holistic Healing, Epigenetics Energy Medicine, Body Ecology, Neuroscience and Health Coaching. 

She is a former NCAA Grad Asst. Coach at Pepperdine University, an NCAA Head Basketball Coach at UC Santa Cruz and University of Dallas, a High School Coach at Malibu High School, and a former NCAA basketball and track scholarship athlete. 
Her life’s purpose is to help athletes and others unleash their genius in a new and unique way. 


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