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Amilya Antonetti: Find Opportunity When You’re Uncomfortable

May 20, 2020

Amilya Antonetti is one of the most sought after Human Behavior and Strategic
Advisor experts in the world. Her deep “in the trench” experience leading organizations in identifying “Why” a company exists and measuring it against “how” it and their people show up in the world is changing the way we "onboard" back to business, in 2020. She has successfully led companies through some of the most challenging succession planning, M&A and crisis/change management work, in a series of successes spanning nearly 30 years.

Amilya has been changing the game in the “relationship” between technology, business and people. She has successfully performed for some of the most high-profile clients in music, sports & entertainment, as well as served both entrepreneurial and fortune 500 clients. The “Genius Key” a matrix in “People Translation for Purpose, Performance & Meaning”
aligning people + workflow together in training modules built for today's diverse and globally located workforce. Committed to providing leaders the ability to understand and amplify their people so all companies can have what they need to better serve the company's “people purpose”, customers and communities they "all serve" unitedly for a greater impact for all.

2019 “Woman of the Decade” award recipient from "Women's Economic Forum" and Honored with the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur Award are just some of the numerous accolades she has received. She is a master at building sustainability within an organization by prioritizing what drives valuation and the X factor for your people.

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