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Mario Steriti: A Chef is an Artist

July 1, 2020

Mario Steriti is a restaurateur, born in Italy. He's owned and operated "10th and Willow" a restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey for more than two decades. In 2017, he opened a second restaurant, "10th Street Pizza and Pasta" right across the street.

He leverages his relationships with his staff and the community to help keep his businesses running long-term. His Italian mother, is also a big contributor to the recipes her serves today. His pizza at "10th Street Pizza and Pasta" was rated an 8.6 by Barstool Sports, leading to an endless surge in new customers.

Steriti also is a Private Equity investor putting money towards software companies, business services, and apparel companies. He resides in Hoboken and Watchung, NJ.

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