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Preston Junger: A Restaurant Legacy

March 4, 2020

Preston Junger is the former Yelp VP of Brand Sales (#82) for 8 years, and has been a lifelong builder & believer in new ideas and great people. Before Yelp, he led sales teams at IAC (Evite, Citysearch, Ticketmaster,, Expedia) Yahoo! & Apple. As a lefty sports enthusiast, and a family man, he devotes a lot of time to the court, soccer pitch, ski slopes and traveling with his family, which allows him to maintain a thoughtful and balanced perspective.

Preston is currently Vice President & Head of U.S. Operations for 7shifts which is simplifying labor management and improve performance for restaurants, freeing up time for managers to focus on serving their customers. Preston also formerly co-founded Mile Square Labs as a startup consulting company, and is board member for the company, that consists of 30+ expert advisors providing hands-on business consulting, sales and customer success guidance for early-stage to scale-up companies in Europe, Scandinavia, South America & North America

He’s an optimistic entrepreneurial-minded business leader, advisor, board member & mentor with international experience. He has a proven track record in raising the bar for success with his unique perspective and commitment to building companies, innovative thinking and execution. Junger excels in coaching and inspiring others to rally around a common mission, not following the status quo.